Pinnacle Multicare Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Respite Services

Respite services allows individuals with special needs to enter the facility for a temporary stay (from several days to three weeks) while their caregivers are away or taking temporary relief from the emotional and physical stresses which are often associated with caregiving.

All Respite guests reside in a beautifully appointed private room. During respite stay, each guest will receive individualized care and attention and a personalized care plan which addresses each guest specific care needs.

In-Patient Unit Hospice Services

Bay Park Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation is one of the first dedicated hospice programs within a nursing home in the Bronx. We have come together with the Hospice of New York to provide palliative and supportive care to meet the special needs arising out of physical, psychological, spiritual, social and economic stresses which are experienced during the final stages of illness, and during dying and bereavement.