We exist to improve the lives of the people we touch, through a sophisticated healthcare system whose mission is to rehabilitate and restore each resident to the fullest extent possible – physically and emotionally – by providing the highest standards of care and individualized treatment in modern, clean, safe, and pleasant surroundings.

Skilled Nursing Care

Pinnacle offers 24-hour nursing care to residents. Our experienced team includes Registered Nurses (RN), Licensed Nurses (LPN) and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) all of whom are dedicated to providing exceptional care to residents.
Pinnacle Multicare Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Medical Services

Pinnacle’s medical team offers a full range of care and services to our residents to ensure their overall health and well-being.
Pinnacle Multicare Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Clinical Specialists

Our clinical specialists improve clinical outcomes by providing direct patient care and by serving as liaisons between the healthcare team and the patient and patient’s family.
Pinnacle Multicare Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Sub-Acute Rehabilitation

Subacute care is defined as comprehensive inpatient care designed for someone who has an acute illness, injury or exacerbation of a disease process. Pinnacle Multicare provides complete inpatient care for someone suffering from these conditions.
Pinnacle Multicare Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Pre/Post Operative Care

Both before and after surgery, we offer the personalized planning and care necessary to make the experience as easy as possible for our patients and for their families.
Pinnacle Multicare Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Long-Term Rehabilitation

Designed to address the needs of patient populations who require different levels of care, whether they function with a greater degree of independence, need assistance with activities of daily living; or require medical attention for conditions that are clinically complex.

Dialysis Unit

Pinnacle Dialysis Center is a market leader and the first of its kind to offer its services in Co-Op City. Our on-site dialysis center offers the latest in hemodialysis technology in a beautiful, clean, state-of-the-art facility.
Pinnacle Multicare Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

IV Therapy

Pinnacle can administer therapy intravenously, preventing air from diluting medication as it enters the bloodstream. It is the fastest way to deliver important pharmaceuticals to the body, and it is used for certain patients as deemed appropriate by our medical team.
Pinnacle Multicare Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Pain Management

We use an interdisciplinary approach to managing pain, always with the goal of developing a treatment plan to improve quality of life. Patients may require pharmaceuticals, or may benefit from massage therapy or mental health services or something else.
Pinnacle Multicare Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Cardiac Rehabilitation

For patients who are recovering from a heart attack, stroke, or dealing with heart disease, high cholesterol or blood pressure, or any other cardiac-related conditions, Pinnacle offers exercise therapy and patient education to prevent future cardiac issues and further illness.

Physical Therapy

Our staff members are trained to work with residents with various mobility related issues: residents recovering from stroke and other brain injuries, fractures and amputations and residents with neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease or Multiple Sclerosis.
Pinnacle Multicare Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Speech Therapy

For patients who have experienced a diminished ability to communicate due to their condition, we use a variety of exercises, audiovisual aids, and cutting-edge treatment protocols to empower our patients with speech.
Pinnacle Multicare Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists tailor their approach to each person, helping residents develop skills for activities of daily living and self-care tasks such as feeding or dressing.
Pinnacle Multicare Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Respiratory Therapy

Acute and chronic breathing conditions can be managed effectively by Pinnacle’s respiratory therapists, who use respirators and medicine to ensure that our patients can breathe as effortlessly as possible.
Pinnacle Multicare Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Geriatric Care Management

Pinnacle will work with you, and those you love, to provide the education and resources required to help you live your best life as you age. By working as a multidisciplinary team, and communicating regularly with your family, you will enjoy the quality of life that we all want for ourselves and for those we cherish.
Pinnacle Multicare Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Palliative Care

Patients with a variety of more long-term, chronic illnesses will discover tremendous support as part of Pinnacle’s palliative care program. Our goal is to make our patients as comfortable as possible, doing what we can to relieve stress and pain so that quality of life can be optimized.
Pinnacle Multicare Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Hospice Care

One of the first dedicated hospice programs within a nursing home in the Bronx, working with the Hospice of New York to provide palliative and supportive care to meet needs arising out of stresses experienced during the final stages of illness, and during dying and bereavement.
Pinnacle Multicare Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Wound Management

At Pinnacle, wounds are cared for with proper dressing and medication to mitigate risk of infection. We watch wounds closely and use techniques to expedite the healing process if possible.

Specialized Treatment

Pinnacle offers multiple Specialized Treatment options including Shortwave Diathermy, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Gentle Electric Stimulation and the Omnicycle Elite Motorized Rehabilitation System.

Secure Dementia Unit

Our secure dementia unit offers patients with Alzheimer’s and other stages of dementia highly secured quarters to ensure their protection from harm. This service makes all of the difference for loved ones, who gain peace of mind knowing that their family member is safe.
Pinnacle Multicare Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Secure Behaviorial Unit

Our facility provides psychiatric assessments and can also provide treatment and accommodation in a safe hospital environment where patients can be prevented from absconding. As a result, the risk of patients harming themselves or others is greatly reduced.
Pinnacle Multicare Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Medical Model Adult
Day Health Services

Pinnacle offers an alternative to nursing home placement where frail elderly and/or disability young adults who are being cared for at home spend time away from home in a supportive environment.
Pinnacle Multicare Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Respite Services

Respite services allows individuals with special needs to enter the facility for a temporary stay (from several days to three weeks) while their caregivers are away or taking temporary relief from the emotional and physical stresses which are often associated with caregiving.

Pinnacle Multicare Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Therapeutic Recreation

Our therapeutic recreation program helps our patients work on mobility and other skills outside of their other speech, physical, or occupational therapy sessions, and it also gives them a chance to develop friendships essential to feeling joyful and self-confident.
Pinnacle Multicare Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Nutrition Therapy

Pinnacle monitors the nutrition status of our residents and gives the right foods or nutrients to treat any conditions they may have. It may involve simple changes in their diet, or intravenous or tube feeding.
Optum Health -Continuum of Care

Optum Health:
Continuum of Care

The clinical staff comprised of nurse practitioners or physician assistants work directly on-site and coordinate with other care providers such as primary care physicians, hospital doctors, and specialists.  Through this model, patients get care rapidly and ultimately prevent and reduce hospitalization and unnecessary ER visits.
Pinnacle Multicare Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Onsite Parking

We want to make visiting as convenient as possible for those you love. When your family and friends drive to see you, they can enjoy easy parking. No matter what the weather, they will have ample space and easy access to our facilities.
Pinnacle Multicare Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

Religious Services

We know that your faith can be a cornerstone for healing so we host religious services so you can explore or maintain your spirituality while you are with us. Whatever your denomination may be, you will discover a wonderful community of support when you are with us.